How it works

With the HSRvote case, which contains 30 devices for participants and 1 USB Dongle for the teacher, and a PC you are already equipped with the hardware. Now you only have to install the software (section Download) and you are ready to go.

A first quiz is already provided. The teacher can easily adapt the questions to the current topic. At the start screen, all participants have the opportunity to test their device. The participants can also join the quiz, even if it has already started. The devices don't have to be turned on or configured to work. This excludes misunderstandings. By pressing the space bar, the teacher can trigger the questions. For each question there is a certain time budget, then a
 feedback is given by coloring the correct answers. At the end of a quiz the ranking can be displayed. There can also be questions with no correct answer, e.g. for surveys and polls.