Open the settings-window

  1. Choose "Datei".
  2. Choose "Optionen".
  3. Expand the register "Optionen HSRvote".
  4. All settings should be displayed now.


You can set the serial port of the receiver. Usually, the receiver is detected automatically.


You can enable or disable the percentage indication. Also, you can chose if the solution shows up or not.



As a teacher, you have the option to control the program with a device. For that, you have to check "Master aktivieren" and enter the device ID. If there are multiple class sets in use, you have to add the class ID, too (which can be found on the backside of the case). The key assignment is: A = Terminate, B = Next question, C = Pause, D = Previous question.

If the automation is enabled, the next question will automatically be displayed after the selected time (default: 6 seconds).


When you press a button on one of the devices, the pressed key, the device ID and the class set ID is displayed.

Class set

If a class set ID is entered in this window, the software listens only to the devices of this class set ID. This prevents devices from other class rooms to interfere with your class set.


You can set different sounds for Buzzer, Countdown and "Automatisierung". You can also mute these sounds.


Two different designs can be chosen. Template 1 shows the answers over the HSR-logo, Template 2 shows the answers beside the HSR-logo.