How many devices can be used simultaneously?

With the HSRvote application you can use up to 90 devices simultaneously.

Is it possible control the HSRvote application remotely?

Yes, there are two ways. Either you use a remote presenter to go forward or backward or you use one of the HSRvote devices as a master device (see: Settings→Control).

What are the requirements on the operating system?

Currently Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windwos 7, and Windows 8 are supported.

Do I need administrator rights to install the HSRvote application?

Yes, administrator rights are required to install the HSRvote application.

Is it possible to use pictures in a quiz?

Yes, it is possible since the latest software update. It's possible to use a picture as a question as well as an answer. 

How do I copy the quiz to another computer without errors?

The best way to do so, is to create a new folder before you generate a new quiz. Then you put all the pictures and the quiz file (.xml file) into this folder. This way, the quiz file and the pictures stay together so you can move it around and use it on another computer e.g. with a USB stick.

Is it possible to directly enter a mathematical equation into the question editor?

No, it's not. But the easiest way is to type the equation with another application, like LaTeX or OpenOffice Math, do a screenshot (e.g. with Snipping Tool on Windows 7 or newer) and import it as a graphic into the quiz.

Is it possible to export the results of a quiz?

Yes, the results of a quiz or the analysis of a poll can be exported as a PDF or as a .csv file.

Can the software run without a quiz master?

Yes, the cycling through questions of the quiz or poll can be an automatic process. After every questions some predefined time elapses until the next questions appears.

Is Mac OS supported?

No, currently, Mac OS is not supported. In order to use HSRvote on a Mac you need a virtual Windows environment such as VMware Fusion.

Can you use several sets of HSRvote independently?

Yes. Each set has a unique class ID. This class ID can be entered in the HSRvote software in order to distinguish packets coming in within the own classroom and from an adjacent classroom. Doing so prevents HSRvotes not belonging to a class from taking part and interfering.

Where can I find the user’s guide?

The user’s guide to the software is installed with the software. It can be found under "Hilfe" in the menu. The tutorial is a great way to get to know the most important features of the HSRvote application.


What is the battery life expectance of an HSRvote?

The battery life expectance of an HSRvote device is 10 years or 10 millions button presses.

What is the maximum distance between transmitter and receiver?

In order to guarantee a reliable operation, the distance between transmitter and receiver shouldn't be larger than 50 m.

On which frequency does the HSRvote transmit?

The HSRvote transmits on the ISM band 2.4GHz (IEEE 802.15.4).

Is the data between transmitter and receiver encrypted?

No, at present the data is not encrypted between transmitter and receiver.

How large and how heavy is the HSRvote transmitter?

The HSRvote transmitter‘s size is 95 mm by 55 mm. The weight is 29 gram.