HSRvote is a teaching tool that allows teachers to visualize the progress of their students. It brings the prickle and the glamour of a quiz show into the classroom. Tests are becoming a game and the fun factor is guaranteed.

Each question has four answers to choose from and who ever gives the fastest and the most correct answers, wins. A whole class set is available in a handy case. For visualization serves a PC with a free software which can be downloaded in the Download section. Each of the participants receives a credit card sized device with four buttons (and only these four buttons) corresponding to the four answer options.

If you want to try the HSRvote in your environment, simply contact us. We are looking forward to showing you everything. Because we're interested in spreading HSRvote across Switzerland, we operate a sponsorship, i.e. the acquisition is in most cases for free.


(1 December 2014) 

There is a new software version available (section Download). The new functions include:


  • Pictures can be added to the quiz
  • It's possible to configure a master device to control the quiz (Read more)